Tips For 40 Years Old And No Career

Tips For 40 Years Old And No Career

What do you expect when you reach 40? In this golden age, you must expect to become a successful in your family and career. However, what if you are already 40years old and no career? Is it a game over for you? Or is there any chance to get back up and start new career?

It's the fact that many people are struggling to land a job in this difficult economy. It's even harder for those who are in their 40s. Lots of young and talented job seekers are competing each other to get the best position. Meanwhile, men in their 40s are struggling since most employers think that seasoned workers will cost more yet know less about technology. Even though it's just misperception, but it's a real challenge.

40 years old and no career

If you are 40 years old and still having difficulty to get steady career, here are tips for you to start your new life with better opportunity:

§  You need to eager to learn new things. Many employers think it's more difficult for middle-aged to learn new things. You need to overcome this mind-set by proving that you are still eager to learn new things aggressively and not fall behind the youngster. Convince the employers that you are able to learn and build your creativity. To prove it, you can do some extra education or certification.
§  Another misperception of middle-aged is they are less on top of new developments in society as well as technology. Thus, they think that younger people are more up to date with what's new than people over 40. This isanother problem you'll face when you're 40 years old and no career. To demonstrate that you keep up with new technologies is to use social media. This is how you combat wrong perceptions about you. If you are expert enough, you should have a blog. You can start to develop one and keep it up when you get new job. It's even better to include the URL on your resume.
§  Great salary expectation is another issue for 40 years old job seekers. Employers think that it's better to hire young people who can be paid regularly with talented skill. You have to combat this by being proactive. You need to explain what motivates you besides salary. However, you still need to be careful not to show that you're desperate. To get hired in a position that you desire, you need to clearly describe your passion to make a difference in your work.
§  It's also important to presenting positive mental attitude. However, you need to be qualified and be positive. When you have positive energy, you will be more likely to find jobs. This can be your secret weapon. You have to show that you are experienced employees with good professional network and historical perspective.

When you face a problem of being 40 years old and no career, you need to show that your age is the form of maturity, levelheaded, and you can actually do much better jobs than younger people. 


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