Jobs You Can Get With A Bachelor's Degree In Psychology
Jobs You Can Get With A Bachelor's Degree In Psychology

Jobs You Can Get With a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology

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Do you study psychology? Or do you want to major in psychology? It’s good to know the job opportunities of this psychology graduate. Jobs You Can Get With A Bachelor’s Degree In Psychology :

Human Resources Development (HRD)

This is the most plural work of psychology graduates, namely to become HRD. The good news is that almost all companies require HRD. Whether it’s from a small company to a multinational company. From government and private. All require, therefore HRD is the most contribute to where the psychology graduate work. Human Resources Management (HRM), Human Resources Develompent (HRD), Human Resources (HR), Human Capital (HC). His field of work is the handle related to human resources in the company. This HRD there are several more fields, generally best be the following:

  • HR Operation, field work related to employee operations such as absenteeism, treatment claims.
  • Compensation and Benefit (CB) deals with payroll or payroll employees include with bonuses and privileges for other employees.
  • Recruitment is related to employee recruitment from upstream to downstream from selection to psychological tests and interviews
  • Organization Development (OD) deals with organizational development and the following relates to performance management
  • Training and Development (TD) deals with training for employee competency compliance and employee development programs

Lecturer psychology, if you forward to S2 then you have the opportunity to becomea college professor. Being a lecturer for now indeed already require a pass in S2. To become a lecturer much of his choice. It could be in the field of social, developmental, clinical, industrial, public behavior. So if you sign up to become a lecturer then it would a great selection conform with your field over the S2 and also the position of the lowongannya. Is it easy to be a lecturer in psychology? Based on experience forundergraduate transfer to S2 is not so much the opportunity to become a college professor. Especially private universities.

Psychologist, if you graduated Bachelor of psychology and attended Graduate with a concentration in psychology profession (adult clinical psychology, clinical child psychology, education, industrial psychology and social psychology) then you will get the title of psychologist. The psychologist also used dibanyak military Government to industry and private sector. If the company is usually more to recruitment due to issue test results of psychology that has legal legal is a psychologist. As for S1 as a tester or makes a report under the supervision of a psychologist. If a psychologist in a hospital can be a clinical counselor against psychiatric or with regard to the barriers to children’s mental development. But there are many more types of jobs are there in this psychologist. For example, setting up his own practice places like a doctor. This psychologist’s practice can be related to spot consultation or place test prospective employees.



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