Promising Position in List of Careers in Sports Management

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List Of Careers In Sports Management always becomes interesting information to know. For you who are going to start career in this field, this reference will give you clear image of what you can do in it. Actually, there are several promising job that you can try in sports management department. Here are some of them.

List Of Careers In Sports Management
List Of Careers In Sports Management

Sports Management. It’s the same name like the degree that you’ve taken. This career is the job, where you need to be a manager for sports club or team. Your job here is to maintain the player and team itself. You must keep your athletes healthy and follow the rule of the competition. Although this job can be really stressful, because you have to ready to work 24 hours/7, but the salary is quite promising. You can get around $50,000 to $200,000 annual salary. It depends on which team that you manage, either amateur or professional.


Sports Marketing. Here, you will need to market the athletes or sports teams that you are managing. This means you will deal with the relationship between your athletes or team with fans or media. You promote the event that your athletes or team will attend, or the importance announcement regarding to your team. Actually, this is one of most important position in List Of Careers In Sports Management. Your effort will have big effect on your team and athletes future. For this job, you can get more than $59,000 per year.

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Sport Finance. Like its name, you will deal with the financial part of your athlete and team. Basically, you will become their accountant. You will manage bills, taxes and their books to make sure your athletes or sports team doesn’t get any problem in this part. This is also quite promising, because you can get annual salary around $55,000.


Sports Communication Specialist. It’s different than Sports Marketing position. You will focus on writing articles about your athletes or sports team. Your team and athletes press release also become your responsibility. You will hold important role, when your team or athlete suffered from accident or crisis, where it need to be communicated to public. For this position, you can get around $40,000 to $70,000 a year.

Basically, there are also many other position that you can try in this field. Most of them are also promising good salary. However, you need to work with a sports team or athletes. So, if you want to do everything individually, you can try to become sports blogger. This is also quite promising like the job in List Of Careers In Sports Management.

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