You Need to Know These before Using Job Corp Student Portal

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You Need to Know These before Using Job Corp Student Portal

Job Corp Student Portal is the place that said to be the great place to get training and way to improve your skill. They provide residential training and employment program. Job Corp also can be said one of the biggest service that provides this kind of this service in this country.

Job Corp Student Portal

However, as reported by The Washington Post, there are some of problem that those students who join this program. And that’s not all. According to this report, there are more than 50,000 students that have safety problem in this program. Ironically, most of people that join this program were seeking for safety environment. But, with the homicide case in 2015 at training center of Job Corps, it will only give you nothing but problem. At least, there are 3 categories that we can say become the source of Job Corps problem.

Serious Criminal Case that Hasn’t Been Reported

When inspector visited Job Corp Student Portal they found that there are many law misconduct acts that haven’t been reported. From their report, there are around 129 cases that they keep hidden. That would be 40 percent of all 348 case that happen at the training center. That’s quite lot. And, it’s not only ordinary incident. Some of it can be categorized as serious criminal case. For example, there was case where security found synthetic marijuana. And, there is also other problems.

Physical Security Weakness

Maybe, this is the cause that there are too much criminal case happened at the Job Corps training center. At their training center, there are lacks of security system that can be used to monitor the situation. And, this condition has become even worst with the lack of security staff that can secure the place.

Julie Dugan, the business community outreach manager with the Hawaii Job Corps Center, provides a tour to Col. Eric W. Schaefer, the commanding officer for Marine Corps Base Hawaii, along with other Job Corps staff and base representatives March 24, 2015, at the Job Corps Center in Waimanalo. Since 1964, the Job Corps has been committed to offering students a safe, drug-free learning and training environment. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Harley Thomas/released)

This can become the source of other problem for other staff and students itself. And of course, with the condition that can’t be said as ideal, it also can affect student achievement.

Pre-Employment Background Checks Problem

The student that study at Job Corps can be harmed by this condition. Job Corps doesn’t conduct proper background check, when they recruit their staff. This condition can increase the possibility of some serious problem occurs, because they hire people with dangerous criminal record. Actually, Job Corps is good service that you can use. However, with some of problem that they have, it would be better, if you reconsider it, if you want to use Job Corp Student Portal.

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