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Indeed Jobs Danville Va is important information for those who want to work around this area. It is also a good option if you want to stay in Danville Va. By reading this information, it hopes that you get the best job and earn money to fill your daily needs. Here are the possible jobs in Danville Va.

Find A Jobs In Danville Va
  • Front Office Representative

Actually, the duty of front office representative depends on the institution. Let say, you are working in a medical office. It means you should handle the patients. Everything related to the first activity with patients will be your responsible. You have to welcome them and answer their question clearly.

  • Store Associate

If you want to work on a store atmosphere, you can apply as a store associate officer. You will work in a store and help everything related to the store activities. Those are including working as a cashier up to a stocker. It is also possible for you to be a store customer service if you have a good communication skill. The salary of store associate is various in Danville Va but you can earn around $12 per hour.

  • Customer Service Technician

This is also considered as one of commonly posted Indeed jobs Danville Va. Besides mastering specific skill related to technician, you also need to pass the specific qualification. For example, it is a must for you to have a legal and valid driving license. This is including a good driving record. You have to be a good applicant with high responsibility sense especially while driving a vehicle in a highway. It will be a great job for you especially if you love an outdoor job and you will earn around $12.36 per hour.


  • Utility Operator

Operator is also an interesting job to apply in Danville Va. This is a great job if you love an indoor job. This is due to your duty in which you have to answer for incoming calls. It depends on the type of the company but you also need to monitor and evaluate specific things based on the proper procedure. This is the reason why you will get a little bit high salary. You will earn around $17.3 up to $20.55 per hour as a utility operator. It is an opportunity for those who want to find a job on the city of Denver along with a reasonable monthly salary. In fact, it becomes the highest salary you can earn on the Indeed jobs Danville Va stated here.

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