Highest Paying Jobs Without A Degree Or Experience

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High-Paying Jobs without A Degree Or Experience

The college enlistment rate had been fallen in recent years and there are many high school graduates look for great opportunity which does not need any years of college or experience. While the typical jobs in United State which requires for high school degree pays roughly around $35.000 less than profession which required the bachelor degree. There are several high paying jobs in United State which favor training, experience and skill in college education. Luckily, there are several highly paying jobs that you can get only requires you high school diploma. According the data from US Bureau of Labor Statistic, there are 25 of highest paying jobs that do not need college experience. Each of them has medium annual salary around $55.000. Therefore you might wonder about what types of highest paying jobs without a degree or experience.

Highest Paying Jobs Without A Degree Or Experience
Highest Paying Jobs Without A Degree Or Experience

As mentioned above that there are several high paying jobs which not require bachelor degree and little or no experience as well. Here several jobs that you can consider if you do not take college education. First, the transportation, distribution manager and storage, your job is coordinate transportation, storage activity and other distribution activities in accordance along with policies of organizational and applicable government laws. The annual salary that you can get is around $81,830.

The transportation, distribution manager and storage

Second, the elevator repair or installer and you job is install, repairing, fixing and maintaining the elevators, lift, escalator, moving walkways and more. The annual wages around $76.650, plus you do not need have any work experience, but you might get on the job training.

The elevator repair or installer

Third, operator for nuclear power reactor, you might surprise that this job does not require high college education and work experience at all. Your job is operating or controlling the nuclear reactors by starting and stopping equipments, moving the control equipments, monitoring and adjusting controls and more. You can get annual wage around $74.990, bit you will get long term on the job training because it requires specify skill.

Operator for nuclear power reactor

Those jobs above might provide you information about highest paying jobs without a degree or experience.

You are able to look for other highest paying jobs without a degree or experience from many source and choose based your ability. Doing something that has relation with your skill might be better option. Even those jobs do not need any experience, but you might get on the spot training because they might require specify skill for those jobs.

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