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Find Your Opportunity With BMCC Career Express. BMCC stands for Borough of Manhattan Community College located in New York City. This is a college alive with innovation and ideas and also supportive of the innate human striving for self-improvement. Thus, BMCC career express is what the students search the most. Once you become BMCC student, you will be able to be an integral part of the community. The students of BMCC come from New York City are as well as other countries. As an international college, BMCC has students who speak in a variety of languages.

BMCC Career Express
BMCC Career Express

Here what you need to know about BMCC and career express. Career Express offers unique platform allowing the students of BMCC to make appointments with advisors and search job in the database. Then, they can sign up for professional development workshops as well as career fairs. Career Express currently has over 1000 employers posting positions in the database.

Thus, if you are BMCC student then you must see instructions for logging into Career Express and find the position that you desire. Employers can also register for a free account or Career Express so they can post job/internship opportunities online. Employers can manage and disseminate all their postings and targeting specific candidates based on major, GPA, etc.

BMCC also offers career advising and assessment through The Center for Career Development. You will get help to organize and plan your job search. You will be helped to prepare for interview as well. Hence, your career journey will be much more valuable and easier with BMCC career express. If you are alumni yet still struggling to find the right job, you can utilize Career Express and set up appointments with advisor. You can easily navigate career database and apply to job you desire. If you are interested to join, you can attend Career Fairs and career related workshops which are held during Fall and Spring semesters.

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What are benefits of using Career Express?

  • You have broad access to jobs and internships
  • You get useful information related to upcoming career fairs, workshops, and on-campus recruitment.
  • You can easily upload your resume for employers to view.

How to get involved with Career Express?

  • You can directly contact the Office of Alumi affairs (if you are alumni) and sign up for an alumni id card.
  • Connect with Career Express through social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

You can also attend career developments events such as:

  • Career prep: Ace your resume! Will be held on September 6, at 199 Chambers St., Room N-471-2:00 PM.
  • Need a Job? Use Career Express will be held on September 8 at 70 Murray St., Room M- 1209-11:00 AM.
  • Nice To Meet You! Networking Basics will be held on September 12 at 199 Chambers St., Room N-471-12:00 PM.

There are many events will be held next month. Make sure that you stay up to date and attend the event to get better opportunity to develop your career with BMCC career express.

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