Best Jobs For Computer Science Graduates

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Best Jobs For Computer Science Graduates

One of the most popular and rewarding fields of Study among students is the subject of computer science. In actuality, computer science is the most popular field of research for international students coming to the United States. The exceptional prospects for careers in computer science play a role in drawing students to the area while the reasons for this are many. Aside from being one of the best funded and most renowned fields of research within US academics, best jobs for computer science graduates are among the most in-demand possibilities for today’s college graduates.

Best Jobs For Computer Science Graduates
Best Jobs For Computer Science Graduates

Careers in COMPSCI (Computer Science)

Computer science jobs are in high demand in every industry. Additionally, the status of computer science colleges in the US has led to funding for these computer science departments.

This increase in funding translates into a set of implications for students within the computer science discipline, including the diversification and specialization of the career field. The computer science field offers many possible applications for the degree students will receive.

What Salary Can You Expect

In addition to the numerous applications of these Some example careers in computer science and their national median salaries are:

  •     Software Developer $80,500
  •     Software Test Engineer (STE) $84,000
  •     Senior Software Engineer $98,000
  •     Software Development Manager $115,000
  •     Software Architect $116,000
  •     Programmer Analyst $74,800
  •     Systems Developer $93,800
  •     Web Developer $58,000
  •     Software Development Engineer, Test (SDET) $82,000
  •     Application Support Analyst $69,000
  •     Computer Systems Analyst $68,300
  •     Database Administrator (DBA) $85,100
  •     Systems Administrator $62,900
  •     Systems Engineer (IT) $83,300
  •     Systems Analyst $81,900
  •     Network Administrator, IT $59,000
  •     Network Engineer, IT $83,900
  •     Business Analyst, IT $81,500
  •     Program Manager, IT $111,000
  •     Information Technology Specialist $64,200


In addition to the exceptional starting salaries and a diverse assortment of applications of computer science jobs, computer science is a highly stable career field. Not only are computer science levels needed for numerous applications across every industry, but the total number of computer science jobs has been steadily increasing. In actuality, as stated by the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics projection for 2002-2012, 6 of the 10 occupations in the nation with the most new jobs are in the field of the best jobs for computer science graduates.

The high demand for computer science degrees ensures International students the ability to secure a lucrative job in the field. Most computer science departments boast placement rates of graduates well above an astounding 85%– a number far above many other disciplines. Studies estimate that five of the ten fastest growing occupations for college graduates are computer science jobs.


Students looking to study in a field that Promises a near-guarantee of profitable future employment in any number of Programs and industries should consider Pursuing degrees. Careers in COMPSCI are lots of And their own benefits. The graduates of computer science programs often Find themselves graduating college with a secure and lucrative job in their Field lined up, something which can’t be said for a high number of other disciplines. So, whether it is the freedom of, for the monetary benefits Location and application, or the stability and assurance of employment, Computer science is one of the most promising areas of study for international Students in the US.

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