Promising 9 Month Career Programs

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Short-term job training program can be your stepping stone to get closer to a rewarding career field. Indeed, most people choose short-term job training over long degree program, including 9 month career programs. There are many fields that you can enter with completing only short-term job training program. Earning certificate can be done by taking a short-diploma program in college. Hence, you can choose to take short-term job-training program or short-diploma program. Both can be done in less than 1 year. However, many of diploma programs are 9 month programs. Hence, you can get your certificate quickly and start working.


9 Month Career Programs
9 Month Career Programs

Here are examples of short-term training programs if you want to qualify quickly for new occupation.

  • Commercial drivers are responsible to transport goods and materials in trailers and other vehicles with large capacity. You need to contact the division of motor vehicles in your state so you can obtain the requirements for commercial license. During the program, you have to complete written test and road test. Training programs last for 2-6 weeks generally.
  • Certified Nursing Assistants or CNAs are very needed to give aging population for medical support. CNAs work in private homes, hospitals, nursing homes, as well as assisted living facilities. Training programs are usually offered by the hospital, Red Cross, community colleges, and online as well. You can complete in 4-6 weeks and you are required to be on-site training for at least 75 hours.

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If you want to take diploma program, there are many programs available at some colleges so you can get 9 month career programs or less. Here are the most chosen programs:

  • Web and online marketing program- You can take classes online and learn from anywhere. In this program, you will learn a wide variety of critical online and mobile marketing skills. After completing this program, you will have larger opportunity to work around web and online field.
  • Massage therapy diploma- In this program, you will be required to complete necessary practice hours to apply for massage therapy certificate in 9 months. To practice what you have learnt, you can attend local sporting events. Thus, you have the opportunity to qualify for careers in the growing field of massage therapy as well as other fields.

  • Business administration- In this program, you will be preparing for entry-level employment in almost any industry. Whether it’s large or small companies, you will get more chance to qualify the requirements by completing this program.
  • Health administration program- In this program, you will be working with professional and knowledgeable instructors. Taking classes and from high-experienced instructors will benefit you. Thus, your opportunity to work in healthcare industry is even larger.

There are many ways for you to thrive a new promising career. You can choose to take short-term job training or diploma program. However, it’s better for you to choose the field that you are most comfortable and confident with. It can be used as the basic. Hence, your natural skills are enhanced through 9 month career programs.

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